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Complete photogallery from the Hungarian Test Ride

Here is the complete gallery from our test ride to Hungary.


Video – The Hungarian Test Ride 2012

We did not finnished our on-line news from The Hungarian Test Ride as we saw it is possible to do it the way we want. This was the most important point as in that time we did have about 5 followers of our web But we have finnished a little video from the ride, where you can see the solar
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Day three – The Hungarian Test Ride 2012

We had a “holiday” day today with only 150 km done. It was because three reasons. We were waiting for and using the ferry over Balaton and buying some souvenirs in Tihany. The third reason was that Karel needed to charge his batteries again and for longer time so we had to stop two times for about and hour or
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Day two – The Hungarian Test Ride 2012

We had about 30 km to go to Hungary today morning but Honza felt tired a bit and we did not ride with maximum speed. Later inHungary already, Karel connected our two vehicles together to charge hus batteries from Honza’s panel as he rides without any panels. But he was not really sucessful because he fell down. Fortunatenuly nothing has
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Day one – The Hungarian Test Ride 2012

We had a great day today. We improved few little things and cycled till 9 pm. We did 170 km and although we have just one set of panels for both of us we have half full batteries which is fine. We are currently about 50 km from hungarian borders in Slovakia enjoying a very nice spot.


Test ride to Hungary

We have just started our test ride to Hungary. We have one trike with a trailer and two solar panels and one bike with large batteries. We would like to test if our concept of trike/engine/batteries/solar panels make sense an how many kilometers we can do a day. We know there are many points we can improve ( and will
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Solar Tour 2011 – photogallery

We cycled around part of the Europe with our friends in 2011. We wanted to test how the solar bikes can work on longer distances. We rode an <a title=”recumbent tandem bike AZUB TWIN” href=”http://www.azub.eu/CZ/recumbent-tandem-bike-azub-twin/”>AZUB TWIN recumbent tandem</a> and our friend used the Greenspeed GTT. Both teams used two solar panels but different engines. You can read more info on
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Solar Tour 2011 – video

Here is a short documentary video of how we did the Solar Tour 2011. You can see a wide photo gallery in other post too. We did this tour on a recumbent tandem AZUB TWIN with Boosty electric engine and custom made trailer with solar panels. We rode it in 13 days through 7 countries and 2300 km. Till the
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